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Credo – a Very Partial List

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+ I don't ask for a sample at the yogurt bar. Know what you want and order it, for Chrissake. Sample spoons are for girls.

+ If you are a spider in my house, you will be carefully carried outside to a plant. If you are a fly, you will be killed, and probably in an unusual way………..typically a rat-tail towel with a wet end. At least you will die dramatically.

+ Eggnog's appearance in early November is incontrovertible evidence of a loving God.

+ Older people are usually right,and younger people will usually ignore them. This is, collectively, probably humanity's biggest waste of time………relearning what was figured out repeatedly over hundreds of generations.

+ Supporting the existence of Santa Claus for children is far more important than doing so for the Easter Bunny.

+ If you stick with something long enough, it will probably work out for you.

+ I suspect people who laugh too much are actually more unhappy than the population as a whole.

+ One of the most obnoxious, proselytizing religions is Druid. At least they don't have pamphlets yet.