POTW: The Pee Peeve

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The Peeve Of The Week (POTW) is an occasional feature on Slope which allows me to (a) gripe about something which bugs me, whether justified or not (b) put up a post when there's nothing in particular I want to say about the market. In spite of its moniker, the POTW may or may not shown up weekly. In any event, here's a new entry:

As "Peeve" entries go, this will be a quick one, but it's definitely one I want to get off my chest.

Why do women always need to announce what they're about to do when they get up and are heading to the bathroom? Be it at home, at a restarant, or even a social gathering, I've seen countless women say the same thing: "I gotta go pee."

I don't care! Seriously! Please, just go do what you have to do and don't involve me in your bodily functions!

If you simply say, "excuse me", and leave, that is more than adequate for the rest of us. Whether you are heading to the bathroom to powder your nose, wash your hands, urinate, or take that huge dump that you've been desperately needing ever since you ate that two-burrito lunch with extra salsa, you don't need to proclaim your imminent actions to the rest of us.

It's unappetizing, inappropriate, and wholly unnecessary. I have never, in my many years, felt it necessary to let friends, family, or strangers know why I'm leaving the table, and no one has ever asked. Can the women of the world please embrace the same habit? Please?

Thank you, from all of us.