Old Maps

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Well, that was a pretty terrific day. And now I'm going to ditch all you guys.

Seriously, I'm heading off to my son's school to show them some of my old maps. I've never mentioned this, but I collect very old maps (400-500 years old), and since they are studying the ancient explorers, I thought I'd bring some in to share. Yes, I'm doing some Show & Tell. I suppose my interest in maps is further proof of my obsession with all things visual.

I'll do a post later this afternoon about the markets. Just a couple of quick thoughts:

+ I have noticed I am nowhere near "giddy mode." In fact, I'm really lackadaisical about today's drop, which is probably a good sign.

+ I entered the day totally short, and I am ending the day totally short, with a slightly higher commitment (66%, up from 60%).

+ I think we could reach my goal of ~1050 very, very soon, and frankly, there is a decent chance we could see the low 900s within the next nine trading days.

Anyway, I'm going to get away from this computer and talk to fifth graders (as opposed to a bunch of people with simply a fifth grade sense of humor). Congratulations to all the bears for a well-deserved good day.