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Welcome to the Jungle (by Varsity Investor)

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When you're high you never, ever wanna come down.  Stocks continue to put up a fight.  They still flinch faster than my kid brother would at the sight of my fist, but like him they pop right back up again and are in your face.  The signals are garbage.  As Tim pointed out earlier in the week, bulls and bears alike are having a tough time.  That's what the bear does.  He wants your money, and he doesn't care whether you've got horns or a coat of fur.


Patton’s Got a New One

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My favorite current comedian, as I hope I've mentioned, is Patton Oswalt. He is smart, literate, and sharp, and his work is right up there with patron saint Carlin's. He also has OCD, although I bet my OCD could run circles around his.

Totally by chance, I saw that he has a new album out, and I'm going through its routines right now (yes, this is what I do while I'm charting and updating my portfolio spreadsheet). I just listened to this one, and it's a riot. Enjoy.