Exquisite Dead Guy

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I have had a deep and abiding fascination with suicide. I was thus captivated when by chance I found out a man had killed himself yesterday, but prior to doing so, he put up an elaborate web site documenting his life, his reasons for killing himself, and his worldview. (The turd-monkeys at Yahoo have taken it down, but I found a mirror site that has most of the pages intact).

manleyMartin Manley, the dead chap, long planned August 15, 2013 as the day he would put a large-caliber pistol to his head and kill himself. He makes clear on the site he didn’t have any of the traditional reasons for doing so. He just thought the best part of his life was over, he didn’t have any family, and he didn’t see the point of living past 60. He speaks eloquently about his religious beliefs – another long-held interest of mine – and expresses his hope that God will forgive him.

I read most of the site with keen interest. (I have often thought of doing such a site myself, but the thought of you good people not having a constantly-updated Slope of Hope slithering its way through your lives on a daily basis has kept me from hanging myself for years – – not that you click on ads or anything to express your gratitude). I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Mr. Manley had frequented Slope of Hope himself, since he, like any sensible person, knows that the United States financial system is completely and utterly screwed. Mr. Manley was quite the Sloper, even if he didn’t have the good fortune to find us before he died.

His site is very well put-together, and it’s evident that the man was really, really smart. And that was one of the things which struck me the most. In my experience, some of the most ingenious people I know have opted not to have any kids. A few of them have told me that didn’t want to burden the planet with any more people (which is an awfully specious argument, because some of the biggest dumbshits I’ve ever met cheerfully have five or more children).

The juxtaposition between Mr. Manley’s wit, intelligence, and ability to create stood in agonizing contrast to the dumbfuck in the video below, which I encourage you to watch. The fellow in the video is basically a 29-year old bum who lives off your tax dollars and will never amount to anything. Why couldn’t he have put a gun in his mouth and left Mr. Manley to hang out here with us on Slope? I swear to God, it’s a stupid, stupid world.