It Bears Repeating

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1104-bearsThis is going to be a very lazy post (I sometimes consider myself insane for working on this blog 365 days a year for the puny advertising revenue it generates, which is why I save all my best ideas for paying Slope+ members; suffice it to say most of you folks don’t exactly heed my pleas for clicking on ads or at least turning off AdBlock, so I’ve kind of given up………). But, what can I say – I’ve had blogger’s guilty for nine years now, and there’s no reason it’s going to stop now.

Last week was the most fun I’ve had trading in months, and I’m sensing an important change in the balance of power. I already have a breathtaking number of short positions, and I’ve got 28 more I’m interested in adding.

I have thoughtfully provided the symbols here on the left. I’ll leave it to you to chart any of them which interest you. Some you’ve seen, some you haven’t. But they all share one common property – – they are fish in the barrel whose water I intend to shoot.

Long live Jambi.