Year-End Goofiness Reversed

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Greetings from Manhattan, where we are bracing ourselves for winter storm Hercules. I’ve never lived in a snowy climate, but I think it’s pretty silly that they name these storms now. When I was growing up in Louisiana, the only “named” weather events that existed were Hurricanes. Back then, they all had female names, and I was told by persons in authority (and I’m not making this up) that this was because hurricanes, like women, couldn’t make up their minds. In the feminist 70s, however, such a notion couldn’t persist, and starting in 1979, hurricane naming conventions allowed both male and female monikers.

In any event, I find the ES and NQ rather amusing this morning, mainly because that completely unexpected, inexplicable, bizarre end-of-session run-up on December 31st has been completely reversed. Why on earth do such things happen? Was there some rich guy who, five minutes before the closing bell, turned to his friend and said, “Hey, watch this.” Because God knows the run-up wasn’t the public jumping into the amazingly cheap bargains that are present in equities markets these days.


Of course, being in New York, I’m angling for a get-together with the legendary BDI. Who knows whether this will happen or not. But if it does, federal law requires a photo to show that it happened because BDI, like Nathaniel Goodwin before him, is heretofore more myth than man. Stay tuned!