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Dollars funnel.


An intractable economic condition that inevitably arises as unlimited units of currency compulsively pursue nonproductive wealth assets in a grossly over-leveraged economy which has been artificially reflated in a desperate and misguided attempt by monetary authorities to synthetically engineer growth via extreme monetization.   Preventing the real economy on the ground from seeking the healthy normalization and natural balance of free market forces necessary for genuine productive economic growth.

Also known as; wishful thinking, and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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This entirely synthesized approach to capital formation has brought us the following disastrous results:


1)  Stealth incendiary inflationary risks to the economy due to latent money velocity
2)  Repeat massive unstable asset bubble dislocations
3)  Gross misallocation of genuine productive investment capital, stifling the crucial SME sector 
4)  Excessive market volatility which stymies business development and trade
5)  Lethargic economic activity and growth
6)  Massive off-shoring of the manufacturing base
7)  Facilitates fantastic fiscal deficit spending sprees
8)  Decreases income & real job creation
9)  Extreme income inequality
10)  Eviscerates the very essence of money itself


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