SlopeCharts Is LIVE!

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On Thursday, May 4th, I tried to do something that I’ve done for about 4,300 consecutive days: launch ProphetCharts. However, for the first time ever in those 4,300 days, it didn’t load. And it didn’t load for one simple reason: it doesn’t exist anymore.

It was a strange feeling, but by virtue of planning ahead on my part (and more than a couple of miracles), I was ready for this. I had a new charting platform to use. And, unlike ProphetCharts, which I had sold in January 2005, I owned this one 100%. And, today, I give it to you, free of charge. I present to you: SlopeCharts.

Truth be told, I quietly made the page live on 5-3-17, because I thought it was a really cool date since it’s an anagram of the first four odd digits. But, bizarre reasons notwithstanding, you are all welcome to jump in and use it.


I want to make two things clear here and now.

First, this is version 0.1 of the product. Don’t get me wrong – – I love this product, and it already does some things better than ProphetCharts ever did. But of the hundreds of questions you’ll all be asking yourselves, I can tell you that 99% of them would garner a simple response from me: “It’s coming.” So please know that is the case.

Second, I am on a personal trip right now, and I will have little time (particularly Friday) for the blog. So I will be quieter than usual, but that means you’ll have plenty of time to play with the charts instead of reading my junk!

I haven’t been this excited about a product for an extremely long time, and I hope you like it. Please make a point of read all the materials I’ve put together under the new Analyze menu at the top, because it will make things much easier for you to understand.


If you have ideas or suggestions, please drop me a line! (But, please, only after checking the pages I just mentioned first). Enjoy!