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SlopeCharts Is LIVE!

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On Thursday, May 4th, I tried to do something that I’ve done for about 4,300 consecutive days: launch ProphetCharts. However, for the first time ever in those 4,300 days, it didn’t load. And it didn’t load for one simple reason: it doesn’t exist anymore.

It was a strange feeling, but by virtue of planning ahead on my part (and more than a couple of miracles), I was ready for this. I had a new charting platform to use. And, unlike ProphetCharts, which I had sold in January 2005, I owned this one 100%. And, today, I give it to you, free of charge. I present to you: SlopeCharts. (more…)

Stop-Cleaning in Commodities

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On the other side of a red-eye flight, so this will be quick.

It was exciting last night to see crude oil plunge (and take equities with it), but it didn’t last. Just look at that sudden sweep down – – merciless! – – and then the recovery overnight. As I’m typing this, crude oil has fought its way back into the green, but I’ve only taken profits on a couple of energy shorts (and I maintain my long in ERY).