An Object Lesson in Greed

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I don’t watch television, but I heard an interview with Howie Mandel (on Gilbert, of course) about the revival of his Deal or No Deal show. I say, good for Howie, because he’s really reinvented himself and is a success later in life. But this isn’t about Howie………it’s about a contestant who was on a few days ago. Just watch this.

I’m sorry, but this was………nuts. I understand that, strictly speaking, the economic value of these two suitcases was about $375,000 (50% chance of hitting the big one) and that $333,000 is smaller. But still, come ON. Can you imagine the car ride home after screwing up this badly? I am going to try avoiding greedy this month, with the above in mind, and keep my wits about me.

Different subject — in spite of me saying I’d never write another book again, I’m writing another book again. This one on SlopeCharts. If you want to get a VERY rough draft of the book and help me edit/improve it, send me seven bucks. Just Paypal it to me at [email protected] with your mailing address. I’ll lose money on the deal, but at least I’ll know you’re a little bit serious. I’m burying this request down here so I can just get a few really serious inquiries. Thanks!

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