Blue Line FAILURE…….and a New Book

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Umm, so, that blue line I mentioned as crucial support. Here’s what just happened, now that futures re-opened.

I can only assume this is the reason (this, plus a little common sense finally):

I haven’t had the time or interest to scrutinize what Slopers were saying back on Sunday and Monday after the G20, umm, success. Probably a lot of back-slapping and laughing at the bears. Meh. I have better things to do with my time.

Oh, in spite of me saying I’d never write another book again, I’m writing another book again. This one on SlopeCharts. If you want to get a VERY rough draft of the book and help me edit/improve it, send me seven bucks. Just Paypal it to me at with your mailing address. I’ll lose money on the deal, but at least I’ll know you’re a little bit serious. I’m burying this request down here so I can just get a few really serious inquiries. Thanks!

Oh, I glanced at comments from just an hour ago or so – – it confirms my suspicion that nine years of a FAKE bull market have turned even Slopers into permabulls. And, yes, I believe people are either permaBULLS or permaBEARS. They can wax poetic and piously declare themselves utterly neutral, but they aren’t, which is why the “balanced” traders here freak out any time I dare say anything bearish.

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