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What a strange week so far, and we’re only talking about two trading days. Monday was the bullgasm, with Santa Claus Rally on everyone’s lips. Tuesday was “I am Tariff Man” day, when all the G20 gains were set on fire. As for the question “what next?” my main focus is on the key price levels I’ve spotted below for these respective indexes. Most of them are gap-related, but not all of them.

The Dow Jones Composite:

The Dow 30 Industrials:

The S&P 100:

The Russell 2000:

The S&P 500:

And, finally, the Major Market Index:

For my own trading, I’ve gone from Monday pre-market  (34 positions, 84% committed) to end of day Tuesday (83 positions, 214% committed). If we resume any kind of breakdown, I am eager to get more aggressive, with a full 34 other potential positions ready to deploy.

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