Yesterday and Today

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I didn’t mention it yesterday, but Slope had its 23,000th post. How about that? Maybe we’ll make a big stink when we get to 25,000. Anyway, here’s another one.

I present to you the chart of the Dow Industrials from the late 1930s, tinted by your humble narrator and only friend.

I would propose to label the aforementioned tints as follows:

  • Green – – the unapologetic ascent;
  • Magenta – choppy sailing to a new high;
  • A sharp, swift descent;
  • A hope-fueled recovery to a lower high

I now present to you the present day stock market with the benefit of prices from the future. The chart is similarly tinted.

As we all know, analogs don’t come with a money-back guarantee. Plenty of them fail. But let’s at least keep this one in mind as we move forward into earnings season next month.

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