In the Dark

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Well, the city of Palo Alto, home of Steve Jobs, the Google Guys, and all things tech – – basically the center of the technological universe – – can’t seem to keep its power on. Once again, we are plunged into total darkness. My family, including the dogs, is currently huddled around our fireplace, the only source of warmth in the house. It’s actually kind of a sweet moment.


Of course, Palo Altans aren’t necessarily known for their ability to face adversity.


Plus the fact that the Palo Alto Utilities website and outage update map can’t seem to handle a load of more than one user at a time pisses people off.


As for me…………I’m fortunate to even be able to send you this post. Power has been out for hours. If the U.S. ever gets nailed with a serious EMF attack, humanity might as well just give up.