Bitcoin Touches $44k

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When analyzing a market the most important consideration is whether you are looking at a trend (up/down) or a trading range.

BTC before

A few days ago Bitcoin looked like this. You could easily have made a case that after a 30% rise in 2 weeks we were due for a pullback.

Just for the record I never thought that, which is why I’ve been telling you bastards as loudly as I can to jump on the hype train before it gets going too fast this time.

Some of you (wisely) took that advice. Many didn’t and now find themselves having missed out on a whopping $14,000 rally. Sorry haters! 😉

All those bitcoin beartards (has a nice ring to it) were certain that this was nothing but a bear market rally and expected it to come crashing down.


But look at what happened instead…

Once we closed above the previous spike high it was all over.

The Rubicon has been crossed, ladies and leeches. And the crypto bears are officially (and deservedly) screwed.

Never bet against the whales’ money, kiddo. Evil Speculator 101.

Now just think about everything I have been telling you since the BTC snapback near $30k last month.

A few weeks ago we CATEGORICALLY rejected the bear market thesis.

Now we CATEGORICALLY reject the trading range thesis.

Therefore, the only thing left is the undeniable truth.

It’s a bull market. Indubidably. Unequivocally.

The only thing left to do now is to decide what KIND of bull market this is.

Typically the second leg of the bull market is the strongest by far.

Usually goes about twice as far as the first leg, give or take.

And the first leg didn’t exactly mess around, if you get my meaning.

So the highest probability is for a bull move that makes the previous one look pretty flaccid.

How should you play it?

3 ways.

No, not what you were just thinking about!

I’m offering you three PG-13 approaches to banking a fortune in crypto:

The Safe Way – grab some BTC and ETH, you should double your money in the next few months. Sell a bit every time you wish you bought more or want to brag about it on facebook.

The Risky Way – Go “research” some shytecoins and find a pile you like. Some of them will 100x in the next 2 months and you might hit the winner. Good luck, but personally I’m not a lucky man.

(truthfully I have a few shytecoin bags – WOO, FTT, SOL, OMI, LUNA THETA and SAND to save you asking, all tiny amounts, coin I found in my couch cushions)

The Safe and Smart Way – Go get a stash of Bitcoin and THIS SYSTEM and when the market starts to moon it will auto-magically switch you into the strongest coins.

Once we hit alt season you should be able to 2-5x your stash of bitcoins, while bitcoin is going bananas.

And I’ll tell you the exact day to cash out and walk off a winner.

Yup. That’s our nefarious plan.

I know it’s scary, the best investments always are.

Dig deep big boy, I know you can do it. Plus I’ll be here to hold your hand every step of the way preventing you to do dumb things. You know just like I did over the past two months.

You’re welcome!

Anyway, 4 seats are left after I increased the group limit to 110. Better get cracking!

Enjoy your weekend