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Legend Lends a Hand

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Preface from Tim: Over the past few weeks, I have learned more than I ever thought I would learn about the world of crypto and NFTs. One of my (many) shortcomings is that I don’t pursue skill acquisition. I love to read and gain knowledge, but developing new skills doesn’t come as easily to me. So this was a personal challenge.

In the midst of these challenge, a handful (more precisely: three) Slopers have come forward and helped me one-on-one, which has made the project go much more smoothly than it otherwise would have. One person in particular, Platinum member LegendC, is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. Without me even asking him, he composed the step-by-step guide below to help educate people here about how to buy NFT. Thank you, LegendC, both for your help directly as well as this terrific contribution!

Hopefully I can demystify some of the process and procedure around crypto and help you get setup to do things on a blockchain. I will write these instructions specifically for Ethereum but the concepts are consistent across blockchains. A huge tenant in crypto is DYOR, do your own research, please don’t take my (or anyone else in crypto) message as the gospel.


Bear Call Spread in the IWM

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Cryptonaissance Success!

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Most of you know of lifetime (well, Slope’s life anyway) friend Molecool has made available the cool Cryptonaissance system, which is described in fancy-pants terms as being a quantitatively-based system for profiting from cryptocurrencies. The funny thing is that in spite of all the math and science behind their system, the actual output is honestly no more complicated than THIS (and this is seriously the most recent weekly data for subscribers):


That was seriously it. Be in Bitcoin. Nothing else. Brain-dead simple.