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Pure Norm

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My love of the late Norm MacDonald has been well-expressed here on Slope. I wanted to share below what I consider the pinnacle. Unfortunately, this is merely the audio, and there are a few portions (particularly when Gilbert is pantomiming sex acts) where the visual helps, but 99% of the wonderfulness is still here. This is a wholly unscripted, off-the-cuff conversation, but if you dissected it, there are hundreds of jokes built into it, rising to a crescendo near the end with poor Adam Eget. I have easily listened to this whole thing twenty times.

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

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Writing for me is kind of like a dam bursting.  The lake fills up, fills up, and then all at once there is an earthquake in me that causes the dam to break and all the water comes rushing out.  Of late, I have been getting requests to write more from all sides of my life.  I will say that due to some positive life changes coming down the pike, I will be having much more free time beginning next year.  I have many thoughts at the moment on how to use that time, but would be interested in your feedback.  At the moment I am considering either a weekly Youtube broadcast to discuss my trading and methodology, or a weekly hour long meeting for traders to gather together live on a platform such as Discord.  If you have any interest in either of those, I would be interested to hear your comments below.

Alright, on to the main course.  Today I am going to be examining my three areas of specialty:  SPX, oil, and gold.  I believe each have the potential to be at key turning points.  Let’s take a look as to why, and what we can expect going forward from each.