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T Minus 9 Days

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Well, folks, 2021 is almost at an end (and good riddance, too, for the most part). I’m intend to ring in the New Year with SlopeTalk’s formal introduction, but feel free to continue to test it out in the meantime. Every day it gets a little better.

There are just nine trading days left this year. This Friday is a holiday (for Christmas), and due to a quirk in timing, there is no New Year’s holiday at all (and not even an early close for New Year’s Eve, I don’t think, but feel free to correct me in comments if I’ve got that wrong).

I’ve found that in recent weeks, what goes on in the off-hours futures markets is borderline meaningless, particularly since the swings lately have been absolutely bonkers, such as with the NASDAQ futures…….


Daring to Look Evil in the Face

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As some of you may recall, I learned about Jordan Peterson and his work less than a month ago, and I dived into it feet-first. One book that he mentioned repeatedly, which likewise I had never heard about, was The Gulag Archipelago by Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

I figured, well, Peterson thinks it’s an incredibly important read, the author won a Nobel prize, and some scholars consider is the best non-fiction book of the 20th century, so, yeah, maybe I should buy it. So I did.

I am only 10% of the way through the book, so it’s somewhat presumptuous of me to write a post having anything to do with a book whose surface I’ve barely scratched, but even with this modest exposure, I have some thoughts I’d like to share based on what I’ve read so far and what thoughts it is conjuring.