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Jordan Peterson

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It’s anecdote time. Two of them, actually, and they are closely-related.

The first is the reaction I have when someone writes to me very excitedly saying how much they love the site and wish they had discovered me years ago. And I ask myself: have I been hiding?

Slope has been around over sixteen years. It advertises both in print and online. I have had a prominent show every weekday on tastytrade since the company launched. And I am absolutely confounded why it took so long for them to find me in the first place.

I had an experience today which helped me answer that question. I listen to YouTube quite a lot while I’m puttering around the house, normally enjoying things like music or comedians. Quite by chance today, it played a video by someone I had never heard of before: Jordan Peterson.

Now, those of you who know of his work are surely thinking, “How could you NOT have heard of him? What cave have you been living in?” Because he’s hugely successful author and a major figure in the world of political and social commentary.


Roll the Credits

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Of the hundreds of pin-headed things that have taken place over the last year, near the top of the list is the notion that the failing movie house AMC Entertainment, which makes a few bucks selling soft drinks and popcorn at their deteriorating movie theatres, was an investment that would make every 19 year old a fortune. Let’s just say it’s not working out. This is a company drowning in debt in a business which is stagnant, at best.

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