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An 85% Loss Isn’t Cool, Man……..

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I have nothing against Oatly (the ticker symbol, is, like, OTLY, dude). My family buys this plant-based milk every week at Whole Foods, where it is often sold out due to its popularity. But it seems to me the old Peter Lynch saw that you should just buy stocks of the companies that make stuff you like wouldn’t apply here. This stock, which has the good fortune to exist during the most comically-oversupported bull market in human history, has never met an uptick in its life. Honestly, it’s rare you see any common stock so consistently suck out loud. Wow.

Digging Out of My Virtual Grave

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When I was a kid, I always got depressed on Sunday mornings when I’d flick the television on and I’d hear music swelling with people singing “Discovery, Discovery, Dis-co-ve-ryyyyyyy”. It was the Day of Discovery religious program, and that sucked balls compared to what I enjoyed just the prior morning.

Good Lord, where was I going with that? I’ve forgotten. In any case, having lost 80% of my account thanks to the March 14-29 rally, I’m clawing my way back. I’m almost back to $300 billion. Elizabeth, you will be mine again, one way or another.