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Chart on a Cart (by Baby Bear)

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Howdy, beloved Slopers! Let me make a small contribution to this week’s guest posts as well. Trading primarily off of laptops, I frequently run into challenges when it comes to seeing enough relevant information at a glance and recently, I managed to cobble together a few cool setups from parts at The Shoppe, aka Amazon.

Deciding on 50” 4k panels from Samsung and the Vivo Mobile TV cart to hoist them up, I’m running three TOS instances and the Market Profile in the vertical shown here. We have a nice b-formation today btw., indicating long liquidation.

For the machines running the platforms, I use old laptops or NUCs from Intel, a tiny computer that is sporting an HDMI port to feed 4k from its integrated graphics.

One of the horizontal setups is hooked up to a Blu-Ray player as well, in case the market is trying to bore us to death again.

The power feed runs thru a 1500 UPS to keep everything up and running on stormy days like Friday.

Wireless keyboards allow for easy startups in the morning, just stay away from the TV remotes as they are not paired (!)

That’s it in a nutshell, pretty nifty as they can be moved around easily and won’t bog down the primary trading platform.



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It is absolutely delicious to observe the empty-headed bulls go totally mute in the face of the market resuming its proper direction, which is down. The two-month IDIOT rally has one and only one benefit – – it has harmed the bulls. And that’s always a good thing, because they are black-hearted slime.

As for the bears, I offer you the charts below, simply to illustrate how the opportunistic IPOs of the past couple of years were a complete bonanza for the investment banks and a total train wreck for the naïve retail wanna-be’s. It’s pretty pathetic how Wall Street has raped Main Street yet again. Shield your eyes, Frank: