Lifelong VIX

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Here I am on a Sunday night, testing out and tweaking a new feature. In doing so, I am resorting to my default behavior. You know how some people are said to have a Resting Bitch Face? Well, I’m kind of like that, except in my behavior. I have, umm, a Resting Chart Face, I suppose, because when I have nothing else to do, I’ll always drift back to charting. Thus, I give you this:

It’s plain to see that the periods of Accommodative Molly-Coddling Government Intervention (the sub-20 VIX portions in yellow) are vastly more abundant than the kick-em-in-the-nutsack periods of market mayhem (above 33 VIX in pink). These days, we seem to be back in range-bound mode, which sometimes can last for years.

As I am typing this, the /ES is precisely at the psychologically-important 4000 level. Also, take note how beautifully the /RTY is breaking down (I drew these horizontals days ago, not just now)…………