Dope Springs Eternal

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Hey, does anyone know where I can buy some Theranos stock? I realize the company is bankrupt and its founder is in prison, but I still want to know.

Sounds stupid, right? Well, it isn’t one bit more stupid than the fact that FTX Token ($FTT) is still happily trading and has a market cap of nearly half a BILLION dollars. Here’s the chart, which, weirdly, spiked nicely higher in the throes of SBFs trial. When he was convicted of all counts, it did even better.

Let’s be clear on this…………The FTX Token:

  • Was the centerpiece of the fraud;
  • Has no legal equity stake in FTX itself;
  • Even if it did, FTX is in bankruptcy anyway, and is assets will be sucked dry by claimholders;
  • Is the very symbol of SBF and his vanquished empire.
  • However, it is worth as much now as it was in October 2020 when, umm, the prospects for FTX seemed an awful lot brighter.

My hand to God, this world seems more insane by the day.