Drama-Free Afternoon

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OK, well, there it is. The AAPL earnings. And while I’m glad we’re not raging higher, it’s not exactly thrilling. As of now (which is, to be clear, before any kind of conference call) AAPL is down a fraction of one percent, plunging to prices not seen since last evening’s trading session.

There are other notable earnings as well, such as Coinbase (COIN)…….

And the very-creatively-named Microchip (MCHP)……..

It’s not all plungers, however. Square (SQ) is zipping higher.

Although I would urge you, as always, to keep this in context, since now SQ is now down only 85% instead of 90% from its highs.

All I would ask the market gods is………….how about making Friday a decent day for me? My spirits could use a lift, and I’d rather my vacation not be a permanent one!