Dead Wrong?

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There's an interesting article called The Bulls Are Dead Wrong that is worth checking out over at Business Insider. Here's a sample chart from the article:



The thing I keep wondering is – – – since bad news no longer seems to matter, is that a signal for the bears that things aren't going to "make sense" – perhaps even for years?

I remember well the subway bombing in London in 2005. This was a major terrorist attack on one of the world's financial capitals. The arrow indicates the date that it took place…….


Didn't really matter much, did it? Indeed, it was a buying opportunity!

So the fact that last Friday the news came out that our economy is still bleeding jobs like mad, and yet the market keeps going higher, is cause for concern. Perhaps yesterday is turning out to be just a flash in the pan, since the government's willingness to inflate equities seems to be boundless.