Bonding with my Friends (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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I was just informed by the Colonel that my week long banishment from our apartment needed to be extended, so it looks like I’ll be sleeping outside with my homeless friends a bit longer.The Colonel feels that I do not yet fully recognize the severity of violating his sacred space in our apartment. He also said that by kicking me out of the apartment,  “I’m giving you the gift of street cred, Cuz! You’ll need that if you want to make it on Wall Street playing with your stupid stocks with all the other fancy pants dweebs.”

Stun Gun has been taking me to Times Square every morning so we can watch the outdoor stock ticker while we sit in filth and ask for change. The one thing that has really been aggravating me more than being kicked out of my apartment is the bond market. TLT’s breakout on Monday was a surprise to me, and Wednesday's open made me want to dump all my TLT short.  Stun Gun said that I was acting like a girl-scout and should be selling cookies not stocks and bonds. He told me to push my retracted balls out  then showed me these charts.


It looks like TLT is sort of in no-mans land. It seems it could go up to $108 easily, but needs to hold that green trend-line which was breached already at the red 8 ($99). If it loses that trend-line, it could sink to around $95 if it breaks below $100.  $TNX is about to hit a support fan, maybe it will bounce here.

I then tried to push my balls out of my stomach cavity, and added to my TLT short even though I’m down right now. I do have a stop on this trade, but it has not been hit yet so don’t dump on me for “adding to a losing trade”. I have enough problems finding a safe dry place to sleep at night, cyber-heckling is the least of my worries. I’m also going to  put a time stop on this one since it is a pretty boring trade, and the money could have gone to something much better. Stun Gun said to not reveal the stops here since the black helicopters following us have Internet access and are watching us.

(Disclaimer- Short TLT, technically homeless and Stun Gun claims to be able to fly around the city fighting crime at night. I’ve only seen him huff paint until he passes out.)