A Good Labor Day Read

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As I've mentioned in the past, most folks tend to move from liberal to conservative as they get older. Contrarian that I am, I'm doing this all backwards, because I would make the most avid libertarian embarrassed with my reactionary politics from my teenage years, whereas the bailout from the financial crisis has caused the inner lefty within me to start creeping out.

Anyway, I read this terrific piece yesterday, and I urge you to do the same. Here's a tidbit:

Instead, we are talking about people who are already fantastically rich.  And who, despite this, are absolutely hell-bent on getting richer, even if that means depriving hundreds of millions of people in the American middle class of their middle classness, and in many cases, ultimately of their lives.  How do we explain people like this?  Are they not essentially sociopathic?  Are they not made of essentially the same stuff as those who can kill without guilt or remorse?  Especially when you consider that even the greediest among us reach a limit beyond which one can effectively make use of the next dollar and the one beyond that, so that pushing others into poverty is no longer even for purposes of your own benefit, but instead for some kind of sick sport?  Aren't these the characters whose essential sickness preachers and philosophers and shrinks have been trying to sort out for millennia?