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Ah, the joys of blogging!

The Snark Index has been exploding higher lately, and this morning I got this lovely missive, prompted, I suppose, by my post about technical indicators last night.


Errr, perhaps I need to clarify something about my refusal to give advice one-on-one. There are a few good reasons for this:

(1) I don't have the time;

(2) I don't have the inclination;

(3) There's no point in dealing with the liability, which doesn't exist when you're talking to a broad general audience;

(4) There's nothing for me to gain by doing so;

(5) The comments forum is a great place for exchanging ideas and information, which I – and many others – do all the time.

So I'm not sure what the confusion is, Mikey. Oh, wait – now I remember – he hates everything.