Apple Headfake Fever (by Varsity Investor)

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I know that shorting AAPL is one of those things that civilized people just don't do, let alone talk about.  But as the folks in Cupertino take the cover off of what will likely be another terrific quarter this afternoon, I thought I'd share a little iTrivia.  

Since bottoming in January 2009, today will be the 12th quarterly earnings report from Apple.  Almost every one has resulted in a gap higher in the stock, as investors trample each other to get it before it's gone like a Thanksgiving day sale on DVD players at WalMart.  All but one of those those gaps filled (the one exception being a modest jump in July 2009), and it's usually just taken days or weeks to do so.

Three years of earnings reports.  Same suckers bidding it up in the after-hours as if it might not be there the next morning.  You don't have to short it, but please think twice about buying it as everyone goes gaga over another monster quarter.  What about a gap down you ask?  Bite your tongue.

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