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This is exactly – EXACTLY – like last weekend. Specifically:

(a) I enter the weekend mostly short with a few long hedges for "safety";

(b) Big, bullish news happens;

(c) The bulltards zoom the market higher, giggling and high-fiving each other;

(d) the rally falls apart, drip by drip, across the board;

(e) Monday morning arrives, and I am leering hatefully as the handful of longs I have

I must say, though, I called it way before the election even started. To wit:


I take particular amusement at the fact (loudly announced by me both here and on Tastytrade) that the entirety of my personal options accounts is on GDX puts. A risky move, but one that may yield some interesting results.

It'll be an interesting week, particularly when dickhead does his dance on Wednesday.