SocialTrade’s Forthcoming Makeover

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Although just a couple of weeks old, SocialTrade is really getting a head of steam. I am increasingly relying upon it for the latest market insights, and new users keep piling in. There's also a pretty cool write-up coming about the site in a major publication next month.

The five-new-features-a-day schtick has ended since I think it's got a terrific assortment of features already, but there are a couple of recent tweaks. First of all, the email you are automatically sent each afternoon doesn't simply state how many pages were posted but shows you thumbnails of some of those pages, giving you at at-a-glance way of seeing if there's anything of particular import you'd like to check out.


Also, it occurred to me that the icon showing the number of Likes and Comments, placed in the upper-left, was often getting in the way of the page's title or other vital information, so I've moved it to the lower-left. Not an earth-shattering breakthrough, but these are the little improvements which collectively make the site much more useful.


All the money used to develop SocialTrade has come straight out of my own pocket. I am going to augment my investment in a serious site redesign (since what we've been using to date has been pretty basic). I'll obviously loudly proclaim the new paint job once it's done, but know that – – now that I finally landed on a new logo – – a complete overhaul of the site's look & feel is forthcoming.

Finally, 0624-mimeI will also say that Slopers' loud and unified chorus, now stretching over years, against my mime shirt are falling upon deaf ears. Here I show myself in real-time adorned in the aformentioned garb, proudly preparing to grab and bows and arrows so as to secure free milkshakes for my clan.