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Market Extremes Are a Good Thing

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If you are a speculator, the extreme situations currently in play in
the broad stock market (95% of the way to a potential ‘triple top’
scenario price-wise, and 80+% of the way time-wise) and the gold market
(impulsive price drops amid growing concerns that the bull is dead
despite rising money supply data) as of March 1, 2013 are the situations
that you wait for.

In short, pivot points are the place to deploy capital (either to the
short or long side) for big gains.  The stock market has been on a
cyclical trend for 4 years and a secular, mostly sideways trend for 12
years.  Gold has been in cyclical downtrend for 1.5 years and a secular
uptrend for 12 years.  That is all well and good but trends can be a
grind, filled with ups and downs, stops and starts.


Groupon’s Future

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Well, the disaster at Groupon should probably strike fear into the hearts of those owning such stocks as Zynga and, to a lesser degree, Facebook. Normally good-looking long patterns can get blown to smithereens overnight.

I imagine that GRPN will spend its future days filling in the gap below and basically farting around at approximately this price level. The bullish breakout is completely trashed, and GRPN is a piece of cow dung once more.