Creepiest Picture Ever

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You’ve probably heard by now that Carl “I didn’t come here to be bullied” Icahn just entered the 21st century and got a Twitter account. So far he’s sent one – count ’em – one tweet (saying he likes Dell……… there’s something actionable for you!) and has over 7,000 followers. (Your beleaguered host, it should be noted, has sent out nearly 5,000 tweets, many of them riotously amusing, and I still haven’t cracked the 10,000 follower mark).

I noticed Carl has submitted the profile picture shown below for Twitter. Ummm, how long do you think it took for the professional photographer they hired to attain what could be considered a smile from this man? For someone who normally conjures up images of Palpatine, it must have been a pretty grueling session for them both. Yech.