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Monthly Charts – Just Breathe

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Monthly charts show the really big structure in the market.  I believe they depict the expansion and contraction of the economy.  The markets at this macro view are like a big lumbering beast that is slowly breathing in and out.  When the markets are rising, the beast in breathing in and expanding.  When the market lets the air out, the beast is going to contract for awhile. (more…)

The Next Big Currency Move

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Fellow Sloper Trades shares his thoughts on currency markets here…….

While still speculation at this time, a significant move could be setting up in the currency markets.  If everything goes right (and there is a checklist), some serious coin could be made going long or short various currencies.  However, it should be recognized that this view runs counter to the consensus. (more…)

A Case in Favour of Extending QE But at What Cost to America?

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It looks like the Fed will have to continue carrying the financial aspects of the economy for awhile due to softening manufacturing data released today. However, I haven’t seen any constructive bi-partisan fiscal policy emanate from Capital Hill that even attempts to support the Fed’s actions. Instead, they’ve been silent, uncooperative, and unproductive since the 2008/09 financial crisis. (more…)