Putting To Rest Any Rumor

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Just to be clear in this day and age when every move is scrutinized, and every intention is analyzed as to expose ulterior motives. I feel it is my duty as a citizen to put any rumors (there aren’t but hey I’m being proactive) circulating to rest for the benefit of my readers. To Wit: (Ah hem…)

Let me make this clear, and incontrovertible.
The release of my book later this year is in no way, nor should it be construed as to be associated with a presidential campaign, or run for office by me in 2016. e.g., As is being done by every potential political figure currently breathing. (with breathing being optional)
To channel the most famous non acceptance speech in American history:
If I am drafted to run no matter the party: I will not run.
If elected by special ballot or write in campaign: I will not serve.
I do not seek, nor wish to run for the office of the president or any other.
However…. (as to channel leaving the door open as every politician in the history of the world is known for)
If the office of: Ambassador to the Intergalactic Nations of The Universe is ever created and offered. Then yes, I will gladly serve the Earth in this capacity.

For unlike most of today’s world change or disruptive agents. I not only own suits that have matching pants, I also have clean shirts, understated haberdashery, sensible shoes that are well-kept, and happy to wear them all. And yes, to be clear: all at the same time.

Add to this the ability to be seen with hair that’s actually been combed rather than that bed head look, along with the absence of any cartoon colorings just enhances my qualifications as to be taken seriously at first impression meetings. (I also promise not to be seen sporting any blinking blue appendage in my ear unless I’m instructed to by Lieutenant Uhura – personally.)

I believe it’s important for the world that the Intergalactic ambassadors from around the universe meet a representative that not only doesn’t appear to look like they just walked out from behind the curtain of a circus show, but can speak and articulate dialogue more than 5 minutes before resorting to profanity to make any points. Only in this capacity would I accept such a position.

Thank you for your time, and you can keep your wallets in your pocket. Seriously, I mean it. No donations accepted regardless of the amount.

That last sentence alone should put to rest I’m serious. After all…
What politician would ever say, “I don’t need your money?”


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