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Hunky Dory

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I confess I was half-hoping for some kind of shocking news from Facebook and/or Apple, but the only “shock” was to the upside. I have received the usual tumbling-in of emails from people who have given up hope and are going to stop trading. Well, not me. I’m not going to let Tim Cook’s declaration that Apple’s stock is “undervalued” change my plans. Sorry, Mr. Cook. (more…)

One-Two Punch

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Well, after six “up” days, the bears finally got some relief on Wednesday……….only to be nuked again after the bell by two stocks: FB and (much, much more important) AAPL. The entire day’s drop on the NQ has been reversed, and then some, and we’re about to break the nice, neat series of “lower highs” that’s been in place for some time now. Bleah!


Oh Boy. Detroit.

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I have been seeing a lot of ads for the Cadillac ELR, which is Detroit’s answer to my beloved Tesla Model S. My Tesla can go about 265 miles on a single charge, and it’s purely electric. The Cadillac is a hybrid, and it can go a whopping 30 miles on a full charge. Worse yet, it features the same dry-heave-inducing design for which American cars have so long been know. The sad part is that they didn’t have a 7th grader do this design; it’s put together by a large team of very well-paid professionals. Make sure a bucket is handy and have a look: (more…)