Crude Crumbles

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First, I want to personally thank Jesus H. Christ in heaven for giving me ONE day when the bulls who frequent this holy place will STFU. My God, you people are the most obnoxious and self-satisfied welfare queens ever to smite the Earth. Damn!

Ahem. OK. That’s out of my system.

My totally-and-completely-short portfolio has been green all day long, thanks to the energy sector. I’ve been carping about the “collapsing shelves” for a while, and crude oil, as I predicted/hoped, is following silver and gold down the rabbit hole. (One point of clarification – I am long one item, as discussed with my beloved Slope Plus subscribers early yesterday).

Of course, I fully expect today to be a one hit wonder, and I’ll have to sit quietly in a corner, hat in hand, while the bulls high-five each other on a daily basis again. But, for this one day, we can enjoy the brief respite of sanity. Thanks again, J.C.!