Hoo Boy

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I got this email this morning……..


I have a couple of things to say about this:

(1) Any time you are prompted to “Join The Conversation”, run the other way. The “conversation” isn’t that at all; it typically is just a bunch of like-minded people agreeing with one another. It’s sort of like how the word “community” is a code word for “a shitty place that you would never want to live.” Whenever residents of a really dreadful place are talking about this or that, if they describe it as a “community”, trust me………..wherever it is they are talking about, it sucks. And they have guns. I don’t live in a community. It’s a neighborhood in a town. Nothing more.

(2) The notion that Uber would send out this self-congratulatory email is sickening. These guys have raised billions of dollars for their firm – – at a laughable valuation of nearly $50 billion for a company whose product is an app that lets you get the equivalent of a taxi ride somewhere. They should stick to what they do best – – – harvesting billions in cash from gullible investors – – and leave the sanctimonious missives to Greenpeace and NOW.

So I guess what Uber hopes to do to improve the world is have a million women (!) driving around from community to community, picking people up and dropping them off. Hardly an uplifting effort to elevate the human spirit. Sheesh, guys. Give me a break.