Simple As ABC

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I was going to title this post “Told Ya So”, but I figured that was obnoxious, so we’ll keep it more innocently puerile. As I was going through charts (as I tend to do when I’m not driving the family hundreds of miles up and down California) I noticed three particularly interesting charts that I’ve pointed out as good shorts that are behaving themselves particularly well. In this QE-free environment, technical analysis is working one whole hell of a lot better, and this trio of stocks illustrates that nicely. First, there’s Alcoa, which is following its analog beautifully:


Next, Banco Bradesco, which violating its pattern briefly a few months ago, but otherwise has been bouncing within its trendlines quite predictably:


Finally, Bancolumbia, about which I did a dedicated post on March 3rd, which is falling to pieces: