Droning On and On

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I gave my son a drone for his birthday, but my ulterior motive, of course, was to have some fun with it myself. I deliberately bought a drone with a built-in camera (some of them simply have a mount for a GoPro), and below is one of the first videos I’ve done.

There’s no audio (which would be little more than wind noise anyway) and I didn’t get to add any highlights or captions, but it’s still mildly-interesting, and some folks asked me to post a drone video, so…here ya go! (This was flown, by the way, at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, which is adjacent to the sprawling Google campus).

Bonus: at the 3:20 mark, you can see a little dot, which is a jeep, rushing over so its occupant, whom we call Ranger Rick, could tell us to stop flying our freakin’ drone.