Early Distant Warning

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Well, the past 48 hours have been absolutely riveting (I am typing this early Sunday afternoon). I’ve been following every little tidbit of news flowing out of Europe. Six horrible years brought upon by the Anti-Christ (Yellen) and her global henchmen in Europe, Japan, and China have kept me paranoid and cynical so that I still figure anything is possible with respect to a sudden stick-save. All the same, the possibility of some serious downside action on Monday is electrifying. We’ll see how it pans out, of course. As I’m typing this, the Globex isn’t going to open for 75 minutes, but the earliest signals from EUR/USD are definitely pointing lower………

I’m not going to tempt the market gods by gloating, though. Naysayers and bear-haters have been victorious for all these years, and they seem stone-cold certain that nothing is going to be different. Here’s the chap who sneeringly called my good trades “occasional winners” (which has become a permanent meme around here) and his take on things as of Friday:


Maybe. We’ll see. Stay tuned.