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Sweet Jesus on a Pita Biscuit

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OK, two things are clear:

(a) There is a God;
(b) He really, really hates Tim Knight

I mean, for Christ’s sake, after getting punched and bullied and smacked around for the last week, I closed Thursday with a mere 39 short positions and 40% in cash (which is super, super light for me). And NOW we seem to be getting a crash (although it’s hours away from the final results as I am typing this).

Here’s a snippet from my chat session with Northy today (about 95% of my side of the conversation involved the word “fuck”):



Kill Joy

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Well, now that ZH has offered up about 739 different articles about what a big deal Brexit is, they can all go back to – – I dunno – – rehashing the Fukushima reactor for the billionth time or something. At least, until the next Great Black Hope comes along. Because, the thing is every single time one of these Things That Will Change Everything comes along, it amounts to the same thing for the past seven years:



Open and Shut Steelcase

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Just about the only bright spot for me today has been my Steelcase short, which tumbled about 13% after hours yesterday. I promptly covered this morning, for the reason that it was awfully close to a huge amount of trading activity (tinted below) which I felt would represent a strong base. Good thing, too, as it is erasing most of its drop. The closer it gets to its gap, however, the more appealing it will become to re-enter this as a short.