Behold the Future

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What did I do over Christmas? I ran the blog. I finished the rewrite of my first screenplay. I hosted the holidays at my house (both Christmas and New Year’s). But, most important of all……I created something completely and totally new.

I am delighted to introduce to you SocialTrade VR.


Let me say at the outset that experiencing this on the HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System is the only way to go. It is absolutely breathtaking. The cool thing is that I was able to create this in a short span of time at virtually no cost, and it runs circles around demonstrations created by CitiBank with an infinite budget. So……..take that, ruling elite!


For me, this could be the beginning of something much, much bigger. The world of charts is stuck in the year 2003. Almost nothing has improved since then. And who knows if virtual reality is going to go anywhere. But if it does, I want to be in the center of it, and I’m bringing Slope with me.


I want to emphasize one more time that the ideal way to experience this is with the HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System, so if you want to try it, click the aforementioned link. If you have a fast computer, give it a shot, but it’s nothing like the real (unreal) thing.

I look forward to seeing just how far we can take this.