A Fresh Start

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As difficult as it was to have ProphetCharts disappear on me (along with the countless trendlines, channels, and studies I had laid upon the thousands of charts within in), the silver lining I recognized was this: it forced me to start over again, revealing with fresh eyes what was going on in the markets. I mean, let’s face it, equities in the U.S. pretty much look like this:


Not exactly falling to pieces, is it? No sane person, including me, could point to that chart and talk about a bear market. There are pockets of opportunity, of course, which I’ve been trying to skunk out – – and with some success lately.

But the point is that this Like a Virgin moment is refreshing. It’s a lot of work to start from scratch, but it will help me with new insights and shuck off old, invalid ones.

I encourage you to try SlopeCharts. It’s fast, it’s free, and in some respects it actually beats ProphetCharts, which I find kind of incredible. And it’s going to be getting better every week. This is just the beginning.