Put Me In Coach

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This is just a random anecdote, since another morning of an ES virtually unchanged doesn’t exactly enflame my passion about talking about these oh-so-exciting markets………

I was putting together a family vacation this summer, and I secured us some tickets. The tickets were in the coach section (hey, I’ve been bearish all my life – what do you expect?), but before doing the purchase, I was presented with a series of choices. I want you to keep in mind this is basically a domestic trip. Anyway, kindly take note of the price I was going to pay ($1717) as well as the “Flagship First” offering at the bottom.


So what goodies does one get for that extra $36,000 to the carrier? I’m glad you asked!


So, just to be clear, for an extra $36,000, I can get…….a choice of a seat!………..snacks!……..not just drinks, but alcoholic ones, like those superb wines the in-flight sommelier chooses for our voyage………..and lounge access! Sadly, no Wi-Fi is included, and if I want to cancel, yeah, they get to keep every penny.

I think you’re still going to find me in the cheap seats. I flew First Class about a month ago, and I assure you, it ain’t worth it.

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