Practicing Patience

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Going through 2018’s posts to pluck out my favorites for the “best of” retrospective was truly eye-opening. I re-read some things I had written back, for instance, in March, and by recalling how certain I was of a particular direction (which, in some cases, absolutely did not happen) gave me a renewed sense of humility. It was an edifying exercise.

I was so relieved that the ES and NQ exhibited strength last night. I have dipped my little toe back into the shorting waters again, but five-sixths of my potential shorts are too cheap for me to want to short still. I’m holding out hope we’ll have enough power to reach the yellow tint.


I wanted to mention we have an exceptionally new feature (and, to my knowledge, unprecedented anywhere else) in SlopeCharts which I’ll announce tomorrow. Be sure to check it out on the first day of 2019!