Respect Expert Predictions

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Originally I was just going to post the video above all by itself, just for the lulz. However, it occurred to me that it would be opportune time to say something, which is this: let’s tone down the political discussion and rhetoric on the site.

Slope was created as a site for traders, but the political divisions in our country – – getting worse by the day, I think – – have seeped into comments so badly that it’s becoming a distraction. I was part of the problem in months past, but I have really made an effort to tone things down, deciding to go pretty much “cold turkey” a week ago.

So, just to be clear, even though the video above might seem purely political, it actually has a different point, which is that just because a person is an expert (or a bunch of people, for that matter) doesn’t make them right. It’s amusing how much “100% certainty” and “0% chance” is bandied about in the video which, in the end, turned out to be not at all the case.