Summary Judgment

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I am very pleased indeed to announce a whole series of improvements to SlopeCharts, available to you at once. As you may recall, if you click on the hyperlinked company name in the upper left……..


…….then a summary page will appear, with all kinds of interesting information.


There are some new tabs there now, though. You can click the Statistics page to see information about the stock over the past year as well as performance data over a period of timeframes.


Clicking the News tab brings up recent news. For the news items with the Continue Reading hyperlink, you can invoke a new tab with a longer article.


Finally, clicking the Peers tab shows companies related to the company you are charting. If you click on any of those ticker symbols, that stock, in turn, will be loaded.


If you haven’t tried SlopeCharts yet, you really should. I make 100% of my trading decisions on it, and Slope (and my tastytrade show) are based entirely upon its use.