Mario’s Impotence

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I couldn’t be happier. Mario Draghi, that disgusting pig who, God willing, will ultimately face public execution alongside Jerome Powell, once again sold out to his banker bosses and did his EASING thing. Because, ya know, the crisis ended ten years ago, but God knows central banks still need to keep accommodating. The billionaires need more billions.

In any case, Mario’s ugly face has become even uglier as the entire world is laughing at his feckless attempts to keep propping things up. Yes, stocks had their knee-jerk reaction pre-market to his whoring, but apparently the old man just can’t keep it up anymore. Regardez vous si vous plait:

slopechart XLF
The Financials and moving average trio (symbol XLF)
slopechart XBD
Broker/Dealer Index and its own MA trio

In case I’m being too subtle, I say again: Central Bankers are the worst of the worst. They exist to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else. The only thing that saves them is the ubiquitous mass ignorance of the general public, who naively assume bromides from the likes of Jerome Powell are actually truthful: that Powell and his cronies are, in fact, there to help the little guy, create full employment, and keep inflation in check.

These people are pure, unadulterated evil, and my principal purpose in life is to see them fail and to spread the word as wide as possible who, precisely, is responsible for the suffering to be endured by the common masses.